My signed calling

Me signing the letter “L”, in American Sign Language.

Signed languages are beautiful.

There, I said it. I am in Queer ASL 101 and have been for a few weeks. I can’t get over the elegance and beauty of signed languages. How you use the hands, eyes, and mouth to communicate and express yourself is simply amazing.

Ever since I was slightly introduced to sign language as a child, I’ve always wanted to learn more sign. This curiosity sparked into my teenage years (a little bit), and then into adulthood.

Learning sign language felt like this thing that was so foreign and abstract. My interest really rekindled when I met my second girlfriend, and my first true love. She taught me some more sign language, and it peeked my interest even more. We didn’t split up amicably due to her mother getting in the way, and the drive for me to learn ASL still was there. So I joined Queer ASL finally. And I’m happy that I made that choice.

I want to propose to her in sign language one day, sign songs one day, and be fluent in reading sign one day. All things that will take time, and one of these things may never happen. But whatever happens, happens.




Director at ODCS Society, social service worker, disability and LGBT advocate.

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Casey Douglas

Casey Douglas

Director at ODCS Society, social service worker, disability and LGBT advocate.

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